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Can You Fix A Broken Zipper?

A broken zipper does not mean the end to your favorite purse, backpack, or boots! That goes the same for your wallets, briefcases, or luggage. Broken zippers can either be re-tracked, repaired or, depending on the intensity of damage, the zipper can be replaced entirely.

Often, repairing your zipper might be easier than you think. Something as simple as a broken or tweaked zipper slider can often be the cause of an unruly zipper in the first place. As a zipper is used over time, the components will wear out, and the zipper slider may not be locking the zipper teeth together properly. This causes a full-on zipper malfunction! Simply replacing the zipper slider will help to pull the teeth together properly and get that zipper working again.

No matter what is wrong with your zipper, a cobbler is a master zipper-fixer and can help! Austin Shoe Hospital always keeps a wide variety of zipper pulls, new zippers, and extra patience on hand to face any zipper dilemma.

We're stocked with zippers in nearly every size, weight, color, and length imaginable, so we will best-match the zipper your items were originally made with. We can also replace the leather or fabric zipper pulls on bags and shoes when they disappear.

Austin Shoe Hospital can fix your zipper and get your items back to you in no time. We're ready!

Questions about your broken zipper? Live chat with a cobbler here, or email us at

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