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Belt Repair

in Austin, Texas

Belt Repair by Austin Shoe Hospital

We Can Fix Your Belt!

Belts are not only necessary, but they're also a great way to express yourself with different designs, colors, materials, and more. When your beloved belt gets banged up, bruised, torn, or dirty, Austin Shoe Hospital can fix it!


Our skilled craftsmen have decades of experience, and we can fix just about anything ranging from tears in the leather to broken buckles.


Belt repair can be complex, as each job is custom and completed by hand. Often, our craftsmen must sew through thick layers of leather to make a delicate repair.


We understand that your waist-hugger has a story to tell, and we promise to show it the care it deserves to go on living more lifetimes over your hips.

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Belt Re-sizing

(Shorten and Lengthen)

Our expert Austin Shoe Hospital cobblers can shorten and lengthen your favorite belts to ensure they fit your waistline like a glove.


No matter what fix you need to make, we'll work closely with you to determine which measurements make sense for your belt lengthening or shortening repair. 

Lost & Broken Hardware

Missing a buckle, loop or rivet? Our Austin Shoe Hospital cobblers will replace lost or broken hardware like d-rings, buckles, gate hooks, rivets, and more.


In fact, we inventory thousands of pieces of hardware in several different finishes, including many styles of rivets - round heads, raised heads and flat heads - as well as hundreds of leather types and colors to work with.


We know how important it is to best match the original hardware of your belt, and we have a near limitless collection on hand for our craftsmen to work with. 

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Belt Cleaning & Recondition

Inevitably, your belt is going to get dirty from everyday use no matter how careful you are. To restore your belt, our craftsmen will do a deep clean, add dye where necessary, and then recondition your belt back to its youthful glory.

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My Dog Ate My Belt!

So your dog thinks your favorite belt is a chew toy, does she?


Don’t panic!


You’d be surprised how often we see articles that have been chewed up by dogs at Austin Shoe Hospital. Let us take a look. 9 times out of 10 we can fix them right up.


No need to be upset at Chase for long.

Happy Puppy
Image by Ben White

Austin Shoe Hospital

Belt Repair Service & Re-Cap

- Belt re-sizing

- Hardware Repair & Replacement

- Cleaning & Reconditioning

- Dog Damage Repair

We’re looking forward to meeting your favorites and getting them fixed up and back out to you to enjoy!

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