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Fashion Boots & Booties


Western Boots


Hiking Work, Military

womens boot and bootie repair

Women's Boot Repair in Austin, Texas

Women's Boot Repair by Austin Shoe Hospital

Riding Boots. Cowboy Boots. Booties.

We Repair All Beloved Boot Styles!

Why repair your boots? Because they are the greatest! Knee-high boots. Cheslea Boots. Combat-style boots. Lace-up boots. Western Boots.

Boots are simply fantastic, and oh, how they complete an outfit and make you feel glamorous in an instant! Boots can also be quite practical. They keep our feet warm on crisp fall days and dry from rainy sidewalks and snow drifts. We wear them when we’re hiking, riding, working, playing.


Boots are all-around footwear heroines, and every gal has at least one pair (if not several!) that she couldn’t imagine her life without.

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Boots are gorgeous, and when you finally find that perfect pair of boots and lovingly break them in, it can be devastating when the heels and soles wear down, the elastic stretches, the toes get scuffed, the leather or skin becomes worn and dull, or worse!

Don’t lose sleep over your damaged boots! Austin Shoe Hospital can repair them.


Entrust all your boots and bootie repair needs to our expert cobblers at Austin Shoe Hospital and you’ll never have to let any beloved pair go again.

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Women's Boots
Boots and Booties

Fashion Boots, Booties, Ankle High, Knee High, etc

Western Boots

Western Boots, Cowboys Boots, Ropers, Square-toe, etc

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Hiking & Safety

Hiking Boots, Safety/Steel-toe, Lace-ups, Military, etc 

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