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Backpack Repair to Get You Back-to-It in Austin!

Back-to-the-Office, Back-to-School ... Back-to-Everything!

Backpacks are a staple for all Austinites, young, old, and everywhere in between. Whether your pack totes a laptop, crayons, diapers, or all of the above, its undoubtedly one of your most used and beloved bags. These workhorses of carryalls can get beaten up over the course of time, but that's no reason to toss a damaged bag to the back of your closet!

Backpack Zipper Repair

We all know the pain of a zipper coming un-tracked or breaking just when we're about to walk out of the door. Even the loss of a simple zipper pull can be annoying. All is not lost! Almost all broken zippers can be re-tracked or replaced by an expert cobbler, and a lost zipper pull is no problem at all. Austin Shoe Hospital maintains a vast collection of zippers and zipper pulls to match the originals as closely as possible, so you’ll never know its a "second generation" version!

Torn Backpack Straps and Handles

Because we all love our backpacks and use them all the time, the stitching can wear down, especially in the handles and straps of your backpack. Don't forget about the danger posed by teething puppies that come face-to-face with a nice, juicy backpack handle. Not to worry!

Austin Shoe Hospital cobblers can repair torn backpack handles and straps using the toughest polyester thread that matches your original stitch.

Our craftsmen can also custom-build (or re-build) a new handle or strap to replace the damaged one. Once the new strap is made of the highest quality leather, we will dye-to-match the color of your bag so that your new strap or handle looks as good as the original.

Tears in Backpack Lining

Tears happen! A tear is no reason to give up on your beloved backpack! All backpacks can be patched and stitched as needed, including torn bottoms and corners.

Austin Shoe Hospital cobblers can also repair damaged inside lining or replace it altogether, if necessary.

Backpack Hardware Repair and Replacement

Missing a buckle or snap on your backpack? A cobbler can replace lost or broken hardware like d-rings, buckles, gate hooks, feet, rivets, and more. In fact, at Austin Shoe Hospital, we inventory thousands of pieces of hardware in several different finishes, including many styles of rivets - round heads, raised heads and flat heads, plus hundreds of gate hooks.

Our cobblers have backpacks, too, and we know how important it is to best match the original hardware. That's why we have a near limitless collection on hand for our craftsmen to work with.

Backpack Cleaning and Reconditioning

No matter how well you treat your backpack, it's going to get dirty from everyday use.

To clean and restore your leather backpack, a cobbler will do a deep clean to remove any dirt and stains, add dye where necessary, and then deeply recondition your backpack back to its youthful glory.

Suede backpacks must be dry cleaned or finely sanded when cleaning to ensure dirt and stains can be removed. We work the stains out gently without harming the suede, and then waterproof for long-lasting protection.

Questions on your backpack repair needs? Please live chat with us or email

Or, come visit any Austin Shoe Hospital store in person to speak to a cobbler!

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