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Zipper Repair

We’ve all experienced the aggravation of a zipper coming un-tracked or breaking during use. Even the loss of a tiny zipper pull can be a headache. All is not lost! Most damaged or non-working zippers can be re-tracked, and we can install a new zipper pull quite easily. We will also completely replace the entire zipper if absolutely needed. Our cobblers maintain a vast collection of zippers and zipper pulls to match the original as closely as possible, so you’ll never know the difference.

Black Leather Zipper

Zipper Sliders

If your zipper is not working properly, often the problem can be solved by replacing the zipper slider. These pieces wear out over time and do not lock the teeth together properly, which will cause the zipper to malfunction. We can replace your zipper slider with a generic component similar to the sample picture. Our standard sliders come in brass, antique brass, nickel and black colors. We will match the color of your original zipper slider as closely as possible with one of these standard colors. We are sometimes able to re-install your original zipper tab (the part you pull on) onto the new slider body, and will automatically do this when we can, but do advise that often this is not possible, so you should expect that your entire slider will be replaced with a component similar to the sample picture.

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